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E-mail Disclaimer

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This information is private and protected by law and, accordingly, if you are not the intended recipient, you are requested to delete this entire communication immediately and are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying or distribution of or taking any action based on this information is prohibited.


All Services are carried out in accordance with Avcres Transport's Terms and Conditions. Accordingly, Avcres Transport shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to goods in relation to the services, or for any damage (direct, indirect or consequential) arising out of such loss or damage, either to the customer or to any other person, whether through any act of negligence of Avcres Transport its agents or sub-contractors, howsoever arising, and the customer indemnifies Avcres Transport against any claim in respect of or arising out of the services rendered in terms hereof, it being expressly acknowledged that goods are carried at the customer's risk.


Avcres Transport conducts business as a transporter of goods on behalf of its customers. As such Avcres Transport considers itself to be a Bailee. A Bailee can be defined as a person or entity that legally holds goods of another, for either payment or gratuity, and has a responsibility to take reasonable care of the goods and look after them as if it was his own.

However, in accordance with the Short Term Insurance Act 53 of 1998, Avcres Transport may not insure its customer's goods or arrange insurance for its customers as Avcres Transport is not a licenced financial services provider, registered insurer or a binder holder with a registered insurer.

However, as a Bailee Avcres Transport is entitled to insure its liability to its customers in respect of the goods in its care and/or control.

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