Emergency Number: 082 921 3545
E-mail: ops@avcres.co.za
About Us
Mr Yanks Naidoo, a long distance driver was ambitious and had a vision in becoming a service provider to the logistics industry. The vision became a reality in the year 1996 when Mr Naidoo purchased his first truck.

Mr Naidoo was not only ambitious in his career, but was a precious, outstanding husband and father who was so inspired by his family that he chose to name his company “AVCRES” which are the joint names of his children, Aveshen and Cressie.

He was a man of great honour and integrity, and his business progressed because of his honesty and popularity amongst people in all walks of life.

Tragically Mr Naidoo passed away in an accident in March 2001.
The current members of Avcres Transport are Mrs Shirley Naidoo, his wife (Director & Co-Owner), Mr Aveshen Naidoo, his son (CEO & Co-Owner) and Mrs Cressie Ramsunder, his daughter (financial Director & Co-Owner).

This family not only bears testament to Mr Yanks Naidoo but they have persevered in keeping his vision alive, continuing to provide hands on and quality service due to a highly motivated team.